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I've been pondering whether to subscribe to IDP's BL collection (subscription available for French residents, Germans, inhabitants of the Benelux countries and the Swiss persons). I'm not interested in all their BL catalogue but a few of their books catch my interest. I just dislike that the publisher sells them as monthly packages of 5 books. You can't purchase just the one book you want but have to buy the whole package for 19.95 (only via their official site), plus shipping fees if your order doesn't total at least €30 (only valid for French residents). It's pretty expensive when you're just interested in one or 2 books, but it's a nice deal if you think you'd get 5 books for a little less than 4 each manga. I don't know what's the quality of their translations, but their catalogue does appeal to me.


I'm thinking about purchasing pack 1, 2 and 3, to save on the shipping fees. It's not that I'm adamant about getting the paperbooks. I'm more interested by the fact that I can preview them online too. The subscribing allows the members to read online and in advance the complete releases they've puchased, while waiting for the actual books to arrive at home (the packages are shipped every 2 months, so you get 2 packs every 2 months, except for the first pack, but for French subscribers the shipping is free) and some gifts.

Pack 4 and 5 is mostly interesting me because of the BL novel giveaways. Not sure it'll be that series illustrated by Hinako Takanaga, but it'd be nice if it were. The fourth shippment (pack 6 and 7) interests me more also because of the gift. The life of a frigging obssessive BL collector fan is so hard. ^.^"

Edit: Have contacted IDP and they've said their packs will be made available for retailers in a few months. The IDP representative wasn't clear whether I could buy each book individually or have to purchase the whole pack. But since the subscription to their BL collection will close on July 20th, I have time to see how things turn up. They said they'll put the giveways for purchase starting may.
Since pack 4 to 7 don't interest —already purchased the English version of some of these books or read the scanlations, and those that I haven't bought/read yet don't interest me anyways— me except for the giveaways, I'll wait and see how much the goodies cost.
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