I've been very reasonable since Yuletide spree. I need to finish reading all my digital manga purchases before raiding again the ebookstores —and so far, I must have read less than 10 titles from the list.

Still, this month, I couldn't help buying these 5 digital mangas:

I'm regretting having purchased the 'Cute Crossdresser' as it is not one of my fetishes —it's not even explicit from my quick browsing, looks more like some softcore doujin type of manga—, but I needed an ebook with a certain price to optimize the discount offered by the site, and I was only interested in one novella ebook at that time, so for some reason I can't understand, I put that manga in my virtual basket. *facepalm*

I've also ordered 2 more paperbooks, waiting for them to be shipped.

I wonder if something's happened about the digital Harlequin and Romance comics that were officially released in English? I've been waiting since last summer for a new title to purchase but nothing. For a while JManga displayed new titles in English that I couldn't access due to geographical restrictions, and other fans whith whom I discussed couldn't access them either.

List of supposedly new mangas in English )

Maybe JManga was lying about the existence of those translated manga just to attract customers. Now that the site is closing, I'll have to wait again and see if something new comes up at another ebookstore.
Interesting picture. I don't remember having seen it before.

サイン入りイラストカード付 クリムゾン・スペル(5) (キャラコミックス) [コミック]

The color of the trousers is a little bit too light to my taste, but the coloring is still gorgeous. I love the warm hues here, and the layered colors in Val's hair are gorgeous. Looking at Yamane-sensei's watercolors just reminds me of this video of her with her paintbrush, carefully coloring that illustration of Takaba for the dakimakura. I'm always amazed that she can paint by hand a character's hair, with so very rich hues and shadings.

My online translator says this must be a limited signed card. Yummy.
I've been pondering whether to subscribe to IDP's BL collection (subscription available for French residents, Germans, inhabitants of the Benelux countries and the Swiss persons). I'm not interested in all their BL catalogue but a few of their books catch my interest. I just dislike that the publisher sells them as monthly packages of 5 books. You can't purchase just the one book you want but have to buy the whole package for 19.95 (only via their official site), plus shipping fees if your order doesn't total at least €30 (only valid for French residents). It's pretty expensive when you're just interested in one or 2 books, but it's a nice deal if you think you'd get 5 books for a little less than 4 each manga. I don't know what's the quality of their translations, but their catalogue does appeal to me.

What to expect? )

I'm thinking about purchasing pack 1, 2 and 3, to save on the shipping fees. It's not that I'm adamant about getting the paperbooks. I'm more interested by the fact that I can preview them online too. The subscribing allows the members to read online and in advance the complete releases they've puchased, while waiting for the actual books to arrive at home (the packages are shipped every 2 months, so you get 2 packs every 2 months, except for the first pack, but for French subscribers the shipping is free) and some gifts.

Pack 4 and 5 is mostly interesting me because of the BL novel giveaways. Not sure it'll be that series illustrated by Hinako Takanaga, but it'd be nice if it were. The fourth shippment (pack 6 and 7) interests me more also because of the gift. The life of a frigging obssessive BL collector fan is so hard. ^.^"

Edit: Have contacted IDP and they've said their packs will be made available for retailers in a few months. The IDP representative wasn't clear whether I could buy each book individually or have to purchase the whole pack. But since the subscription to their BL collection will close on July 20th, I have time to see how things turn up. They said they'll put the giveways for purchase starting may.
Since pack 4 to 7 don't interest —already purchased the English version of some of these books or read the scanlations, and those that I haven't bought/read yet don't interest me anyways— me except for the giveaways, I'll wait and see how much the goodies cost.
This year, Kazé have again the "bento box operation" : purchase 2 mangas of theirs and you get one box (only at bookshops running that promo). You'll get either an Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist (KATOU Kazue) box or a Reimei no Arcana/L'arcane de l'aube (TOMA Rei) one.

This year's novelty looks to be the addition of a fork and a spoon. Even though I don't read these series, I like how the boxes look from Kazé's previews. This year too will deplete my wallet so that I can get these pretty giveaways.
I'm still wishing they'd release some BL box like the first year when this promo started running. Lord, I so wish for a Viewfinder or Crimson Spell bento box.

Will take pictures of the actual bento boxes when I'll be able to get them.
The promo will start mid-March.
For those who didn't know and can't purchase the book, it looks like scans of Nao Tsukiji's artbook Nostalgia are out.

Oh the beauty! )

Enjoy the awesomeness of Nao Tsukiji's art!

Nao Tsukiji has a new artbook and I'm saving the hell out to buy it. It's soooo pretty!!!
I couldn't stop laughing at this ad. I've never seen it on French TV, though we had lots of funny/sexy ads in the past.
French model Emmanuel Fremin is sure sexy and hilarious in this one. Gotta love a handsome man who's not afraid of looking ridiculous. I was looking at romance cover models and was surprised to find a compatriot on one. And that's how, searching a bit more about him, I discovered this lovely ad. LOL.

Enjoy. ^__^
So I decided to colorize my clumsy sketch from the previous post — please, just forget that lousy rough! >.<
As you can see, I made some modifications between the penciled draft and the final colorized illustration. For instance, after finishing the draft, I started seeking a jacket design from actual ones and noticed that I was wrong about which side the zipper is on men's jackets. *headdesk*
It's been quite a while I haven't drawn that much in a few months, though I used to doodle a lot more years ago. But I think it'll be months away before I feel again such an itch to draw a fanart of Yamane-sensei's work. ^_^;

Spoilers: Same as before, meaning none, except [livejournal.com profile] eprime's fanfic Under the skin — especially chapter 16 and 17.
Warnings: SFW
Disclaimer: VF and Asami belong to Yamane Ayano.


To click or not to click, that is the question... )

X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] yamane_ayano and my blog.
It's been like forever since last I drew a fanart... Gotta thank [livejournal.com profile] eprime for getting me obsessed with that last line from her latest chapter of Under the skin.
I woke up in the middle of the night to draw this. Geez, I really need to sleep at night instead of doing some friggin' other thing.

Title: I'll give you the ride of your life
Character: Asami
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none, except [livejournal.com profile] eprime's fanfic Under the skin, chapter 16.
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: VF and all its characters belong to Yamane Ayano.

sketchy sketch )

X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] yamane_ayano and my blog.
Today, it's sunny and I had a little time for myself. So I decided to take pictures of my latest acquisitions.

2 bento boxes from Kazé/Asuka.
Last year, the publisher offered BL bento boxes. This year, we have shojo boxes bearing images of Happy Marriage by Enjoji Maki and Dengeki Daisy by Motomi Kyousuke.
I also purchased Kazé's limited editions of Happy Marriage #6 and Dengeki Daisy #9. Each limited edition consists of an exclusive cover, the book that is the same as the regular edition, 3 cards and a bookmark.

miscelleneous miscelleneous

What are they like inside? )

2 mugs from Kurokawa publishing.
This year's promotion is a frosted glass cup, bearing an image of either Les vacances de Jésus & Bouddha/Saint Oniisan (Nakamura Hikaru) or Saint Seiya ~The Lost Canvas~ (Kurumada Masami and Teshirogi Shiori).

miscelleneous miscelleneous

1 Übel Blatt (Shiono Etorouji) poster from Ki-oon.
It's huge! Dimensions: 59,4 x 84,1cm.


2 sets of magnetic bookmarks from Pika.
Each set comprises 4 magnetic bookmarks bearing pictures from either Maid Sama/Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Fujiwara Hiro) or Black Bird (Sakurakouji Kanoko).


1 Naruto (Kishimoto Masashi) bowl with chopticks, from Kana.


And 2 Japanese artbooks I told some friends I had intended to purchase: Guin Saga Illustration Book by Tanno Shinobu and Santa Lilio Sangre by Kojima Ayami.

miscelleneous miscelleneous

Snippets )

Cartier ad

Mar. 18th, 2012 03:58 pm
Yesterday, I saw for the very first time on TV a commercial for Cartier. I'm not into jewelry, but even I do appreciate the quality of this reknown jeweller. I don't remember having watched any Cartier commercial on French TV in the past. So when it started, I wasn't paying attention and missed the first seconds when the name of the jeweller appears onscreen. I was talking to my mom, waiting for the prime time show and telling her how I would love to have some good animation programs to create gorgeous CGIs like the panther I was watching getting animated on TV. And the more we advance on this commercial, the more the sheer beauty of it takes my breathe away.

Because I never saw any Cartier commercial before, I thought at first it was another jeweller, till the end when the name Cartier is mentionned again and then my mom reminded me that the panther is their emblem.

It is less impressive when you watch the commercial on Youtube. Watching it on a large HDTV screen with vibrant colors and stereo sound is truly magical.
In France, commercials are only about 30 seconds long. So the length of this one is quite exceptional. But when it ends, you just want it to go on and on and on... This piece of art commercial is such a great source of inspiration!

You can also watch the video at the official site which will give you a better idea of how impressive it really is:
For those who don't understand French, click on the link "Le Film intégral". The bonuses are a really nice touch.
All right, I'm updating about the goodies I've received from French manga publishers.

clearfile1 clearfile2

There, from Doki-doki, I got chopsticks made of bamboo. They are simple but I like their looks. A Japanese friend once offered me chopsticks and I noticed that they are either coarse at the pointed ends or with grooved tips. I'm used to smooth chopsticks so I thought that was a genius idea to help people get a better grip on the food.

The Stupid Story (Anna Hollmann) note book is from Taifu comics. Not bad. I'll keep it maybe for writing down recipes.

The Vampire Knight (Matsuri Hino) necklace is a goodie from Panini. I'm not into jewelries. I should wait for my sister coming back home this Christmas to ask her if she wants it — she's into that kind of stuff.

The 2 Kilari (Nakahara An) clearfiles were given by Glénat. I don't know the series. I'll see if a daughter of my friends will be happy to get it.

So today, I've unwrapped the volume 6 of Viewfinder French version, published by Kazé/Asuka. It's nice that the price is the same as a regular volume. The cover of the booklet is softer than the Japanese version because the paper used is thinner. I regret that French publishers use such thin paper but I should still be grateful that the prices are reasonable.

VF6 front VF6 back

Pictures of volume 6 )

Pictures of the booklet? )

I've mentioned in a previous message the French Be×Boy #13 because of the stickers. So here is the magazine.


What's inside? )

And last, it's not manga related but about French comics. I received this promotional mini artbook, Les Dragons, from Soleil Celtic. You can get it if you purchase 3 of their comics — and darn they are expensive! @_@ The illustrations aren't really to my taste but it is still nice to get that kind of artbook. Here, I've taken photos of all illustrations. I like best the painting for the cover by Laurent Miny and Alain Brion's illustration. Leonid Pilipovic's drawing is also quite eye-catching here.

Dragons front Dragons back

Pictures of Dragons )
I adore Junjou Romantica anime, based on Nakamura Shungiku's manga. And Hybrid Child manga has made me cry like a baby so it makes my heart flutter some more that we'll get an anime for this story. It's a good thing they do adapt some BL mangas to animes, but can't they diversify a bit?

I can't really complain because I was actually very happy to hear that Junjou Mistake will get an anime. Anything that I've enjoyed reading and related to Junjou Romantica is worth watching, especially since Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is a bit disappointing to me. I love the main couple in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi but the 2 other couples don't work for me — they annoyed me like hell while reading the manga version and the anime version hasn't changed my mind.

So it looks like Junjou Mistake anime adaptation will in fact consists of animating an episode. More precisely, Isaka and Asahina's story will be told in the 6th episode of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 2.

I've also just heard that the magazine Ciel Très Très has announced that Hakkenden, illustrated by Abe Miyuki, will also be adapted into an anime. It's shoujo with hints of shounen-ai but Abe Miyuki is rather popular for this series. I still have to try reading one of Abe-sensei's works — like Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! that so many people recommend me to take a look at. The only thing is that I have difficulties following long series. I always lose interest towards the 10th volume. I don't know if I should just wait for the anime to be out or still try one of Abe's manga series to have a taste of the artist's style — but her series are so very very long!  >_<
My goodies collection is slowly building. I'm updating here with my recent acquisitions.

Kurokawa's 2010 thermos cups and 2011 DS cases featuring the series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Blazer Drive.

2 cups and 2 cases )

Kazé's Toriko/Beelzebub fan.

1 fan )

Kana's Kuroshisutji straps.

2 straps )

And though I still wonder why I got them, I also received these goodies: 1 Marge Simpson plush toy keychain and a lithography of the Petit Prince comic.

Here's the screencap of this Petit Prince illustration taken from the official site.

How I love those videos showing how an artist draws/paints/works! Toko Kawai's sketch is not impressive but so very sweet and sensitive.
I can watch for hours these kinds of footage.

I've just read that the French version of Be×Boy magazine #13 will be sold with cute stickers as giveaways.

stickers are sticky )
I was so very sad when it became obvious that the Ai no Kusabi remake project aborted due to the economy. But hope is shining again with Pony Canyon taking over the production. I'm glad the animation team looks to be the same. It won't be the 13 episodes OVA series as was planned in the previous project. Pony Canyon has announced they will release 4 OVAs of 30 minutes on DVDs starting January 2012. Those DVDs will cover the first 4 volumes of the story. And if the sales are successful, they'll produce the sequel. I'm tempted to purchase the DVDs for the animation is really to my taste. And I'd be curious to get that pet ring which will be one of the goodies distributed with the first DVD.

I'm devastated.
Last spring, I lost an external hard drive — crash down — in which I saved 5 years of manga files, from my most treasured BL gems to the long forgotten files from disbanded scanlation teams. I had accepted the fact that some files were lost for good so I worked on rebuilding a new collection. But a few weeks ago, my computer crashed down — that frigging machine only lasted less than 3 years! whereas my very first computer lasted 8 years!

I've lost again nearly all my precious datas. At least, I could save some of my most important files and part of my work in progress, but I still lost a helluva lot of datas.

I'm tired. My new computer has arrived only a few days ago. I'm struggling to catch up with the most urgent works needing all my attention. And now, I fear a new catastrophe so as soon as I get 700Mb of datas, I burn them on a CD. Lord, I'm depressed.
I wrote to [livejournal.com profile] sumire007 a week ago because she's scanlating the Stupid Story series so I thought it'd be better if she were the one to announce the news. But maybe she's too busy with RL now? It seems like there's been no activity about this project for over a couple of months.

I guess I'll just go and say it myself. There's news that the Stupid Story volume 3 should be released in Germany in November 2011.

You can have a preview of the first chapter HERE.

For those who don't know the series, Stupid Story is a BL comic series, drawn manga style by German artist Anna Hollmann. And I already explained why I don't call non-Japanese artists mangakas.

If you have difficulty reading with Tokyopop's viewer, I've zipped the pictures and uploaded the file HERE.

In France, Taïfu comics is planning to release the French version of volume 3 some time at the beginning of 2012.



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