Interesting picture. I don't remember having seen it before.

サイン入りイラストカード付 クリムゾン・スペル(5) (キャラコミックス) [コミック]

The color of the trousers is a little bit too light to my taste, but the coloring is still gorgeous. I love the warm hues here, and the layered colors in Val's hair are gorgeous. Looking at Yamane-sensei's watercolors just reminds me of this video of her with her paintbrush, carefully coloring that illustration of Takaba for the dakimakura. I'm always amazed that she can paint by hand a character's hair, with so very rich hues and shadings.

My online translator says this must be a limited signed card. Yummy.
So I decided to colorize my clumsy sketch from the previous post — please, just forget that lousy rough! >.<
As you can see, I made some modifications between the penciled draft and the final colorized illustration. For instance, after finishing the draft, I started seeking a jacket design from actual ones and noticed that I was wrong about which side the zipper is on men's jackets. *headdesk*
It's been quite a while I haven't drawn that much in a few months, though I used to doodle a lot more years ago. But I think it'll be months away before I feel again such an itch to draw a fanart of Yamane-sensei's work. ^_^;

Spoilers: Same as before, meaning none, except [ profile] eprime's fanfic Under the skin — especially chapter 16 and 17.
Warnings: SFW
Disclaimer: VF and Asami belong to Yamane Ayano.


To click or not to click, that is the question... )

X-posted to [ profile] yamane_ayano and my blog.
It's been like forever since last I drew a fanart... Gotta thank [ profile] eprime for getting me obsessed with that last line from her latest chapter of Under the skin.
I woke up in the middle of the night to draw this. Geez, I really need to sleep at night instead of doing some friggin' other thing.

Title: I'll give you the ride of your life
Character: Asami
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none, except [ profile] eprime's fanfic Under the skin, chapter 16.
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: VF and all its characters belong to Yamane Ayano.

sketchy sketch )

X-posted to [ profile] yamane_ayano and my blog.
All right, I'm updating about the goodies I've received from French manga publishers.

clearfile1 clearfile2

There, from Doki-doki, I got chopsticks made of bamboo. They are simple but I like their looks. A Japanese friend once offered me chopsticks and I noticed that they are either coarse at the pointed ends or with grooved tips. I'm used to smooth chopsticks so I thought that was a genius idea to help people get a better grip on the food.

The Stupid Story (Anna Hollmann) note book is from Taifu comics. Not bad. I'll keep it maybe for writing down recipes.

The Vampire Knight (Matsuri Hino) necklace is a goodie from Panini. I'm not into jewelries. I should wait for my sister coming back home this Christmas to ask her if she wants it — she's into that kind of stuff.

The 2 Kilari (Nakahara An) clearfiles were given by Glénat. I don't know the series. I'll see if a daughter of my friends will be happy to get it.

So today, I've unwrapped the volume 6 of Viewfinder French version, published by Kazé/Asuka. It's nice that the price is the same as a regular volume. The cover of the booklet is softer than the Japanese version because the paper used is thinner. I regret that French publishers use such thin paper but I should still be grateful that the prices are reasonable.

VF6 front VF6 back

Pictures of volume 6 )

Pictures of the booklet? )

I've mentioned in a previous message the French Be×Boy #13 because of the stickers. So here is the magazine.


What's inside? )

And last, it's not manga related but about French comics. I received this promotional mini artbook, Les Dragons, from Soleil Celtic. You can get it if you purchase 3 of their comics — and darn they are expensive! @_@ The illustrations aren't really to my taste but it is still nice to get that kind of artbook. Here, I've taken photos of all illustrations. I like best the painting for the cover by Laurent Miny and Alain Brion's illustration. Leonid Pilipovic's drawing is also quite eye-catching here.

Dragons front Dragons back

Pictures of Dragons )
How I love those videos showing how an artist draws/paints/works! Toko Kawai's sketch is not impressive but so very sweet and sensitive.
I can watch for hours these kinds of footage.

I've just read that the French version of Be×Boy magazine #13 will be sold with cute stickers as giveaways.

stickers are sticky )
NostalgiaI'm enthralled by Nostalgia, Nao Tsukiji's artbook. Received it a few days ago. It was my first time ordering at cdjapan and I'm pretty glad I did. A pity they don't sell the BL magazines. You can special order them but that would put a great dent in my budget as the only shipping method is EMS so I'll continue using yesasia for them.

Ah, those illustrations in Nostalgia are so goddamn beautiful!

Everyday, I open the book randomly at a page, just to look at some gorgeous piece of art, then close it relishing that the following day, I'll open it again at another page to some other shining masterpiece.

I love the texture of the paper. It's like there's a glaze over the illustrations, making the vivid colours so very soft. It gives me a comforting feeling, wanting to sit before a fireplace with tea and biscuits on my table while I browse this artbook lazily. *sighs*

previews )

This summer, I was able to get some nice goodies from the French publishers' promotions.

Ex libris Silen love & Gate 7

I couldn't go to Japan Expo 2011, though I won in a contest the third volume of Silent Love and a lithography signed by honor-guest Takanaga Hinako. And though I'm no Clamp fan, I found the illustration of Gate 7 lithography rather pretty so I did buy the book #1 to get it. That's really a problem when you can't resist an illustration just because you find it pretty even though you don't even like the artist or aren't a fan. LOL

2 other nice goodies I got from Pika publishing house are this year's bags: X-Blade (Shiki Satoshi) and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Clamp)

Pika bags
what does it look like? )
And finally, Asuka/Kazé have announced they are going to release a limited edition of Viewfinder #6 on November 17. They say they will print 2000 copies of the collector edition which will include Libre booklet — the one with the 3some. *cough* — at the usual price of 7.50€. They will sell the regular edition after the limited edition is sold out.
I've asked them if they intent on printing the Animate exclusive booklet too, but Asuka/Kazé replied they won't. T_T
Ah well, I should be happy nonetheless that they release a booklet without any increase in the book price.
Cela fait plusieurs jours que je planche sur la traduction de l’interview envoyée sur le site de Yamane-sensei. Vous y trouverez la version originale en japonais et une version officielle en anglais. Comme vous le savez, je ne lis ni ne comprends le japonais. Par conséquent, ma traduction se fonde sur la version anglaise. Cependant, j’ai pu constater par mes propres moyens que cette dernière n’est pas vraiment fiable.

A défaut d’avoir une traduction anglaise de qualité, j’ai adapté selon ce que j’ai pu/cru comprendre du texte et pour certains passages particulièrement nébuleux, ai demandé des explications à des copines anglophones habituées à lire le japonais — merci à Deirdre et okaeshi pour leurs éclaircissements. Donc gardez à l’esprit que ma traduction comporte à coup sûr des erreurs étant donné que la version officielle anglaise est plutôt approximative.Je dois aussi citer l’aide précieuse de Shyn, qui a relu et corrigé mon travail en français, le passant au crible de son expertise artistique. Mon intention, à l’instar de ce que j’ai ressenti à la première lecture de cette interview, était de rester dans une optique de vulgarisation correcte et cohérente de l’aspect technique pour les profanes qui constituent l’immense majorité des fans de Yamane Ayano. Shyn, merci d’avoir permis de rendre ce texte plus fluide et compréhensible. ^_^

Entretien avec Yamane-sensei ! )

Pour parler d’autre chose, je me suis fait du mouron ces derniers temps. Mon chien n’était pas bien depuis quelques semaines. Il a 14-15 ans désormais et en voyant sa santé se détériorer brusquement, nous avions pensé avec tristesse qu’il vivait là ses derniers instants à nos côtés. En l’amenant chez le vétérinaire la semaine dernière, on a appris avec stupéfaction qu’il avait en fait une de ces brindilles des champs enfoncée dans le corps — si profondément que nous ne l’avions pas vue. Le vétérinaire l’a retirée et a soigné la plaie. Il nous a déclaré que notre chien guérirait de lui-même.

Le sacré lascar s’est aussitôt remis à gambader et à dévorer comme quatre. Ma mère est tellement contente — la pauvre avait perdu le sommeil et l’appétit à l’idée que notre diablotin allait nous quitter.

Notre petit convalescent a retrouvé tout son entrain. Sa plaie s’est très vite refermée. La vitesse avec laquelle il guérit me surprendra toujours.



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