NostalgiaI'm enthralled by Nostalgia, Nao Tsukiji's artbook. Received it a few days ago. It was my first time ordering at cdjapan and I'm pretty glad I did. A pity they don't sell the BL magazines. You can special order them but that would put a great dent in my budget as the only shipping method is EMS so I'll continue using yesasia for them.

Ah, those illustrations in Nostalgia are so goddamn beautiful!

Everyday, I open the book randomly at a page, just to look at some gorgeous piece of art, then close it relishing that the following day, I'll open it again at another page to some other shining masterpiece.

I love the texture of the paper. It's like there's a glaze over the illustrations, making the vivid colours so very soft. It gives me a comforting feeling, wanting to sit before a fireplace with tea and biscuits on my table while I browse this artbook lazily. *sighs*

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This summer, I was able to get some nice goodies from the French publishers' promotions.

Ex libris Silen love & Gate 7

I couldn't go to Japan Expo 2011, though I won in a contest the third volume of Silent Love and a lithography signed by honor-guest Takanaga Hinako. And though I'm no Clamp fan, I found the illustration of Gate 7 lithography rather pretty so I did buy the book #1 to get it. That's really a problem when you can't resist an illustration just because you find it pretty even though you don't even like the artist or aren't a fan. LOL

2 other nice goodies I got from Pika publishing house are this year's bags: X-Blade (Shiki Satoshi) and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Clamp)

Pika bags
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And finally, Asuka/Kazé have announced they are going to release a limited edition of Viewfinder #6 on November 17. They say they will print 2000 copies of the collector edition which will include Libre booklet — the one with the 3some. *cough* — at the usual price of 7.50€. They will sell the regular edition after the limited edition is sold out.
I've asked them if they intent on printing the Animate exclusive booklet too, but Asuka/Kazé replied they won't. T_T
Ah well, I should be happy nonetheless that they release a booklet without any increase in the book price.
I didn't intent on taking photos of them because my camera is a bit blurry, then I told myself why should I feel shy? So there, the latest goodies I was able to lay my hands on.

Here are the official photos for the products because they are far sharper than mine:

Photobucket Photobucket

Or my blurrier pictures :

If you'd like, there's a link to the pictures Asuka/Kaze, the French BL publisher, took when the first boxes arrived at their offfice: the publisher's goodies gallery.

No Money / Okane ga Nai (Shinozaki Hitoyo & Kousaka Tohru) bento box

Photos here )

Silent Love / Bukiyou na Silent (Takanaga Hinako) bento box

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Kurokawa is another French publisher who does not publish BL for the moment. But it's been a tradition for a few years that they offer thermos cups for special occasions. It's the first year I've gotten my hands on them, mainly because it's the first year I was interested in obtaining goodies and could actually have them... like the BL bento boxes from Asuka. So I got curious to see what the other publishers were offering.


Kurokawa's version of Vinland Saga (Yukimura Makoto) and Chocola & Vanilla / Sugar Sugar Rune (Anno Moyoco) thermos cups

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I'm not even a fan of Vinland Saga or Chocola & Vanilla. But my parents can use the thermos cups to go camping or picnic. I will keep one for myself since I drink hot tea all day long.

Edit 05/27/2011
I won the mousepad that is offered when you purchase the French version of Be×Boy magazine #11. I will buy several copies of the magazine anyways. I'm still wishing for Asuka to release some Viewfinder goodies. I sure would ruin myself to get as much of them as I can. Nonetheless, the mousepad for this issue is real pretty and I'm a fan of Suzuki Tsuta, so it's fine.

Konoyo Ibun / A Strange & Mystifying Story / My demon and Me (Suzuki Tsuta) mousepad



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