All right, I'm updating about the goodies I've received from French manga publishers.

clearfile1 clearfile2

There, from Doki-doki, I got chopsticks made of bamboo. They are simple but I like their looks. A Japanese friend once offered me chopsticks and I noticed that they are either coarse at the pointed ends or with grooved tips. I'm used to smooth chopsticks so I thought that was a genius idea to help people get a better grip on the food.

The Stupid Story (Anna Hollmann) note book is from Taifu comics. Not bad. I'll keep it maybe for writing down recipes.

The Vampire Knight (Matsuri Hino) necklace is a goodie from Panini. I'm not into jewelries. I should wait for my sister coming back home this Christmas to ask her if she wants it — she's into that kind of stuff.

The 2 Kilari (Nakahara An) clearfiles were given by Glénat. I don't know the series. I'll see if a daughter of my friends will be happy to get it.

So today, I've unwrapped the volume 6 of Viewfinder French version, published by Kazé/Asuka. It's nice that the price is the same as a regular volume. The cover of the booklet is softer than the Japanese version because the paper used is thinner. I regret that French publishers use such thin paper but I should still be grateful that the prices are reasonable.

VF6 front VF6 back

Pictures of volume 6 )

Pictures of the booklet? )

I've mentioned in a previous message the French Be×Boy #13 because of the stickers. So here is the magazine.


What's inside? )

And last, it's not manga related but about French comics. I received this promotional mini artbook, Les Dragons, from Soleil Celtic. You can get it if you purchase 3 of their comics — and darn they are expensive! @_@ The illustrations aren't really to my taste but it is still nice to get that kind of artbook. Here, I've taken photos of all illustrations. I like best the painting for the cover by Laurent Miny and Alain Brion's illustration. Leonid Pilipovic's drawing is also quite eye-catching here.

Dragons front Dragons back

Pictures of Dragons )
How I love those videos showing how an artist draws/paints/works! Toko Kawai's sketch is not impressive but so very sweet and sensitive.
I can watch for hours these kinds of footage.

I've just read that the French version of Be×Boy magazine #13 will be sold with cute stickers as giveaways.

stickers are sticky )
I didn't intent on taking photos of them because my camera is a bit blurry, then I told myself why should I feel shy? So there, the latest goodies I was able to lay my hands on.

Here are the official photos for the products because they are far sharper than mine:

Photobucket Photobucket

Or my blurrier pictures :

If you'd like, there's a link to the pictures Asuka/Kaze, the French BL publisher, took when the first boxes arrived at their offfice: the publisher's goodies gallery.

No Money / Okane ga Nai (Shinozaki Hitoyo & Kousaka Tohru) bento box

Photos here )

Silent Love / Bukiyou na Silent (Takanaga Hinako) bento box

Photos there )

Kurokawa is another French publisher who does not publish BL for the moment. But it's been a tradition for a few years that they offer thermos cups for special occasions. It's the first year I've gotten my hands on them, mainly because it's the first year I was interested in obtaining goodies and could actually have them... like the BL bento boxes from Asuka. So I got curious to see what the other publishers were offering.


Kurokawa's version of Vinland Saga (Yukimura Makoto) and Chocola & Vanilla / Sugar Sugar Rune (Anno Moyoco) thermos cups

Photos everywhere )

I'm not even a fan of Vinland Saga or Chocola & Vanilla. But my parents can use the thermos cups to go camping or picnic. I will keep one for myself since I drink hot tea all day long.

Edit 05/27/2011
I won the mousepad that is offered when you purchase the French version of Be×Boy magazine #11. I will buy several copies of the magazine anyways. I'm still wishing for Asuka to release some Viewfinder goodies. I sure would ruin myself to get as much of them as I can. Nonetheless, the mousepad for this issue is real pretty and I'm a fan of Suzuki Tsuta, so it's fine.

Konoyo Ibun / A Strange & Mystifying Story / My demon and Me (Suzuki Tsuta) mousepad



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