All right, I'm updating about the goodies I've received from French manga publishers.

clearfile1 clearfile2

There, from Doki-doki, I got chopsticks made of bamboo. They are simple but I like their looks. A Japanese friend once offered me chopsticks and I noticed that they are either coarse at the pointed ends or with grooved tips. I'm used to smooth chopsticks so I thought that was a genius idea to help people get a better grip on the food.

The Stupid Story (Anna Hollmann) note book is from Taifu comics. Not bad. I'll keep it maybe for writing down recipes.

The Vampire Knight (Matsuri Hino) necklace is a goodie from Panini. I'm not into jewelries. I should wait for my sister coming back home this Christmas to ask her if she wants it — she's into that kind of stuff.

The 2 Kilari (Nakahara An) clearfiles were given by Glénat. I don't know the series. I'll see if a daughter of my friends will be happy to get it.

So today, I've unwrapped the volume 6 of Viewfinder French version, published by Kazé/Asuka. It's nice that the price is the same as a regular volume. The cover of the booklet is softer than the Japanese version because the paper used is thinner. I regret that French publishers use such thin paper but I should still be grateful that the prices are reasonable.

VF6 front VF6 back

Pictures of volume 6 )

Pictures of the booklet? )

I've mentioned in a previous message the French Be×Boy #13 because of the stickers. So here is the magazine.


What's inside? )

And last, it's not manga related but about French comics. I received this promotional mini artbook, Les Dragons, from Soleil Celtic. You can get it if you purchase 3 of their comics — and darn they are expensive! @_@ The illustrations aren't really to my taste but it is still nice to get that kind of artbook. Here, I've taken photos of all illustrations. I like best the painting for the cover by Laurent Miny and Alain Brion's illustration. Leonid Pilipovic's drawing is also quite eye-catching here.

Dragons front Dragons back

Pictures of Dragons )
I wrote to [ profile] sumire007 a week ago because she's scanlating the Stupid Story series so I thought it'd be better if she were the one to announce the news. But maybe she's too busy with RL now? It seems like there's been no activity about this project for over a couple of months.

I guess I'll just go and say it myself. There's news that the Stupid Story volume 3 should be released in Germany in November 2011.

You can have a preview of the first chapter HERE.

For those who don't know the series, Stupid Story is a BL comic series, drawn manga style by German artist Anna Hollmann. And I already explained why I don't call non-Japanese artists mangakas.

If you have difficulty reading with Tokyopop's viewer, I've zipped the pictures and uploaded the file HERE.

In France, Taïfu comics is planning to release the French version of volume 3 some time at the beginning of 2012.



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