NostalgiaI'm enthralled by Nostalgia, Nao Tsukiji's artbook. Received it a few days ago. It was my first time ordering at cdjapan and I'm pretty glad I did. A pity they don't sell the BL magazines. You can special order them but that would put a great dent in my budget as the only shipping method is EMS so I'll continue using yesasia for them.

Ah, those illustrations in Nostalgia are so goddamn beautiful!

Everyday, I open the book randomly at a page, just to look at some gorgeous piece of art, then close it relishing that the following day, I'll open it again at another page to some other shining masterpiece.

I love the texture of the paper. It's like there's a glaze over the illustrations, making the vivid colours so very soft. It gives me a comforting feeling, wanting to sit before a fireplace with tea and biscuits on my table while I browse this artbook lazily. *sighs*

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This summer, I was able to get some nice goodies from the French publishers' promotions.

Ex libris Silen love & Gate 7

I couldn't go to Japan Expo 2011, though I won in a contest the third volume of Silent Love and a lithography signed by honor-guest Takanaga Hinako. And though I'm no Clamp fan, I found the illustration of Gate 7 lithography rather pretty so I did buy the book #1 to get it. That's really a problem when you can't resist an illustration just because you find it pretty even though you don't even like the artist or aren't a fan. LOL

2 other nice goodies I got from Pika publishing house are this year's bags: X-Blade (Shiki Satoshi) and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Clamp)

Pika bags
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And finally, Asuka/Kazé have announced they are going to release a limited edition of Viewfinder #6 on November 17. They say they will print 2000 copies of the collector edition which will include Libre booklet — the one with the 3some. *cough* — at the usual price of 7.50€. They will sell the regular edition after the limited edition is sold out.
I've asked them if they intent on printing the Animate exclusive booklet too, but Asuka/Kazé replied they won't. T_T
Ah well, I should be happy nonetheless that they release a booklet without any increase in the book price.
Urghhhhh... I've been panicking for the last few hours. A few weeks ago, my facebook account was hacked. I'm pretty sure the LulzSec were responsible. Some creepy posts with just "Lullz and relullz" written were sent from my account at that time. I battled with facebook to secure it again and wipe out all those ridiculous posts that I hadn't sent. Then my email account attached to the facebook account wasn't working anymore. The friggin' scum had hacked my email account. I've now lost this one for good. It took me days to change the passwords and emails at the sites where I was registered with that hacked account. I'm so disgusted. I can't get back some mails from friends and families. I can't contact the internet provider because they ask me to connect with my login and password, and I DON'T HAVE THEM because the hacker CHANGED THEM!!!!

And since yesterday, I noticed something wrong with my internet account. I was afraid remembering the horrible time I've been through not too long ago and tried contacting my internet provider to inform them that my main account might have been hacked. Again, I have to change all passwords and emails. It's tiring. The antivirus, antispam, scandisk and all have been working non-stop for the last few hours.
I'm cursing them all hackers for some time to time, I still get messages that my inboxes are disconnecting because I'm "connecting via another computer at another place." Even my LJ account shows some strange signs. Heeeeeeccckkkk!!! Save everything! Save all my datas!
Cela fait plusieurs jours que je planche sur la traduction de l’interview envoyée sur le site de Yamane-sensei. Vous y trouverez la version originale en japonais et une version officielle en anglais. Comme vous le savez, je ne lis ni ne comprends le japonais. Par conséquent, ma traduction se fonde sur la version anglaise. Cependant, j’ai pu constater par mes propres moyens que cette dernière n’est pas vraiment fiable.

A défaut d’avoir une traduction anglaise de qualité, j’ai adapté selon ce que j’ai pu/cru comprendre du texte et pour certains passages particulièrement nébuleux, ai demandé des explications à des copines anglophones habituées à lire le japonais — merci à Deirdre et okaeshi pour leurs éclaircissements. Donc gardez à l’esprit que ma traduction comporte à coup sûr des erreurs étant donné que la version officielle anglaise est plutôt approximative.Je dois aussi citer l’aide précieuse de Shyn, qui a relu et corrigé mon travail en français, le passant au crible de son expertise artistique. Mon intention, à l’instar de ce que j’ai ressenti à la première lecture de cette interview, était de rester dans une optique de vulgarisation correcte et cohérente de l’aspect technique pour les profanes qui constituent l’immense majorité des fans de Yamane Ayano. Shyn, merci d’avoir permis de rendre ce texte plus fluide et compréhensible. ^_^

Entretien avec Yamane-sensei ! )

Pour parler d’autre chose, je me suis fait du mouron ces derniers temps. Mon chien n’était pas bien depuis quelques semaines. Il a 14-15 ans désormais et en voyant sa santé se détériorer brusquement, nous avions pensé avec tristesse qu’il vivait là ses derniers instants à nos côtés. En l’amenant chez le vétérinaire la semaine dernière, on a appris avec stupéfaction qu’il avait en fait une de ces brindilles des champs enfoncée dans le corps — si profondément que nous ne l’avions pas vue. Le vétérinaire l’a retirée et a soigné la plaie. Il nous a déclaré que notre chien guérirait de lui-même.

Le sacré lascar s’est aussitôt remis à gambader et à dévorer comme quatre. Ma mère est tellement contente — la pauvre avait perdu le sommeil et l’appétit à l’idée que notre diablotin allait nous quitter.

Notre petit convalescent a retrouvé tout son entrain. Sa plaie s’est très vite refermée. La vitesse avec laquelle il guérit me surprendra toujours.

I didn't intent on taking photos of them because my camera is a bit blurry, then I told myself why should I feel shy? So there, the latest goodies I was able to lay my hands on.

Here are the official photos for the products because they are far sharper than mine:

Photobucket Photobucket

Or my blurrier pictures :

If you'd like, there's a link to the pictures Asuka/Kaze, the French BL publisher, took when the first boxes arrived at their offfice: the publisher's goodies gallery.

No Money / Okane ga Nai (Shinozaki Hitoyo & Kousaka Tohru) bento box

Photos here )

Silent Love / Bukiyou na Silent (Takanaga Hinako) bento box

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Kurokawa is another French publisher who does not publish BL for the moment. But it's been a tradition for a few years that they offer thermos cups for special occasions. It's the first year I've gotten my hands on them, mainly because it's the first year I was interested in obtaining goodies and could actually have them... like the BL bento boxes from Asuka. So I got curious to see what the other publishers were offering.


Kurokawa's version of Vinland Saga (Yukimura Makoto) and Chocola & Vanilla / Sugar Sugar Rune (Anno Moyoco) thermos cups

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I'm not even a fan of Vinland Saga or Chocola & Vanilla. But my parents can use the thermos cups to go camping or picnic. I will keep one for myself since I drink hot tea all day long.

Edit 05/27/2011
I won the mousepad that is offered when you purchase the French version of Be×Boy magazine #11. I will buy several copies of the magazine anyways. I'm still wishing for Asuka to release some Viewfinder goodies. I sure would ruin myself to get as much of them as I can. Nonetheless, the mousepad for this issue is real pretty and I'm a fan of Suzuki Tsuta, so it's fine.

Konoyo Ibun / A Strange & Mystifying Story / My demon and Me (Suzuki Tsuta) mousepad

... after watching this great commercial that seems to be made just to tease us, Boy's Love fangirls?... and fanboys.

♥__♥ Gotta love that Korean advertising agency.
I could barely believe what I've just saw. It seems like French director Alexandre Aja wants to make a movie adaptation of Cobra. COBRA!!!!!! (●^0^●)
I don't really think this project is possible but just the idea of such a potentiality makes me giddy. The poster is just a concept for now to try convincing investors/producers.

Ah, Cobra... his red suit, blond hair, cigar in mouth and big canon arm...
Even as a preteen, I loved Cobra when the anime aired on the French TV (thank you Dorothée even though you didn't know some of the best animes you gifted the children of my generation were in fact for adults ^_^ ). Though at that time, I didn't understand the innuendos and wasn't aware of the explicit nudity/sexuality in the show. My cousin offered me the videos a few years ago and watching it again, the charm was still there but renewed as now that I'm adult, I can catch the meanings that I wasn't able to get as a child.

A pity that this anime show is not as popular with the American audiences as it is with French fans — I mean it is a cult anime here! The series was short, but so memorable! Even for an oldie, I keep such good memories of it that more recent shows can't compare despite having smoother animation and shiny design. Ah, I should just rewatch it!
I felt like I was in the twilight zone when I read this article in La reconstruction après le séisme, un enjeu pour la mafia japonaise.

The article (in French) )

The name Jake Adelstein is not unknown to me. I remember that someone mentionned his Tokyo Vice book when we were discussing about Saki Aida's S series. Maybe I should find his book and read it.

I don't put much faith in Le Monde's articles. It's my personal point of view that many of their journalists no longer investigate thoroughly a topic before writing an article — I suspect the French journalist Antoine Bouthier who wrote this article must have very likely just translated/synthetized articles in other languages, thus I'm not too sure of his accuracy and personal knowledge in this field contrary to Adelstein who is known to be an expert.

This article about the yakuza surprised me. I do think there is truth in this for I have already watched reports on TV about yakuzas and organizations trying to look more "normal" like so the society would accept them more. I just don't totally rely on this article for the journalist might have "embellished" his story to present his scoop.

But that's an interesting anecdote. Despite the tragic situation in Japan, this article made me think of fictitious Asami Ryuuichi and what he would do in these current events. I really imagine his men acting the same way as the yakuzas in this article: providing concrete help to the victims of the earthquake where the Japanese government is inefficient, part for the profit and part out of solidarity.
I want to rant! Ranting I am!
Why do French people always complain so much so that complaining is like a national sport? Because that's ingrained in our frigging culture!

We can't make the people above us or in charge of part of our lives listen to reason or improve their behaviour, so we complain as a mean to vent our frustrations.

I've been tracking the release date of a magazine for over a month now. Every week, I have written to the magazine publisher to ask when it'll be out. And I was glad when they finally announced that they would release it the 7th of December. So I started haunting the bookstores from this date.

But after 3 days of not finding it anywhere, I wrote again to the publisher. They told me that they postponed the release date due to the bad weather. I understand. I can wait. They next announced the release date to be the 13th.

Because I was suspicious, I waited for the publisher confirmation. A couple of days ago, the publisher said that they think the magazine issue might be out by the end of this week, again due to the bad weather. I can understand, you can't fight against bad weather.

And today — frigging today! — the TV news say that a trade union in charge of the distribution of newpapers and magazines are on strike at least untill tomorrow. Frigging French trade unions! Frigging country where strikes are a national sport! Why can't we fire all those parasites of the society when so many other Frenchmen need and would be happy to work!?

I was so furious when I heard about the strikes that I search a bit more on the internet and discovered that the distribution of magazines and newpapers have slowed down for a week now due to that union, but they've blocked the distribution for nearly all publications today. Okay, now bad weather I can take it with a smile, strikes I frigging cannot!

Other countries have trade unions that are really useful, but in France... it's like every frigging week, you hear that some public service union goes on strike just to screw with the system and the people who only want to work and live in peace.
Hey hey! Good news for Nitta Youka. Now she’s got a new site and in English! With such a home page, it’s obvious that her come back is definite and ambitious.

I’ve browsed the site and still no news about Secret Diplomacy. What has really caught my eye is Nitta’s scheduled contribution to the next winter February issue of Be×Boy Gold (December 28)… and the fact that amongst the new items available again for sale, there is the ebook version of Boku no Koe/Sound of my Voice… in English! (^^)V

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It's been quite some time since last I've posted anything at my LJ.
I'm still coughing after catching a cold followed by bronchitis a month ago. Bronchitis sucks!
Don't know if it's because this winter has been so cold and lasted so long, but I feel so tired most of the time and pretty demotivated. I've been working on coloring a Yamane's sketch for over a month now —maybe two, I don't have any sense of time since I was a kid— but left it untouched for weeks. I really should try to finish it.

I've pre-ordered my Viewfinder volume #1 published by Asuka. The cover looks okay, better in my opinion than the German version.

The only thing that I dislike is that font they've used for Yamane-sensei's name. Otherwise, the sobriety of the cover is pleasant. I hope the book will be released soon.
I know it's been a while since I last blogged about new things. And since I've just finished looking at the raws for the chapter 7 of Prunus Girl, I tell you Aikawa is the first trap who makes me absolutely want for the hero to fall in LOVE with HIM!
It helps that Maki-kun is so chivalrous a prince and that I like so much Matsumoto Tomoki's drawing style.

Usually, I don't like traps. The rare exceptions are Itsuki Kaname's seme traps and... uh, I can't remember if there's any other. When a boy looks like a boobless dickgirl, I freak out. Actually, dickgirls in hentai mangas & animes are primarily what freaks me out. And a boy looking like a flat chested girl with a penis reminds me of dickgirls, ergo I freak out. So no thank you very much!
Even a cute girly boy with the mentality of a shoujo girl freaks me out and I get this itch to sacrifice some chickens in a voodoo rite with the hope the artist will kill the character...

But Aikawa, I just love him. He's got so much spunk and humour. Got to love that smart mouth of his. He's girly and yet, his reactions can be weirdly masculine sometimes. I like when the one who looks like the potential uke is actually the psychological dominant in a pairing. And adorable Maki-kun is completely pushed around by Aikawa.

Though this manga is officially shounen, I really hope very very much it'll turn out to be Boys Love. Because if Maki doesn't succumb to Aikawa or if he hooks up with some girl or worse, if the artist turns Aikawa into a real girl, I won't just sacrifice a few chickens.
J’ai fait quelques menues modifications pour améliorer la traduction
de la première partie. Donc si vous aviez la première version,
remplacez-la plutôt par celle-ci.

Je rappelle que je n’ai pas l’intention de traduire Cheeky,

le 2ème mini-manga du livre, qui n’a par ailleurs aucun lien avec

l’histoire d’Akimoto et Saitou sur laquelle je travaille. Donc pas
d’inquiétude si vous craignez de manquer une suite ou un épisode de leur
romance. Juste, ne venez pas me harceler pour avoir la suite plus vite.
Elle viendra quand elle viendra.

Je réagis très mal à la pression et plus il y en a, moins j’ai envie de m’y mettre. Vous êtes prévenus.

Comme toujours, les liens de téléchargement se trouvent dans la suite de ce message.

Les mioches et pudibonds, ouste !
Ceci est un manga yaoi, c’est à dire des images dépeignant des relations homosexuelles.
Si le concept vous offense, ne cliquez pas sur le lien !

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