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Mar. 18th, 2012 03:58 pm
[personal profile] lethalene
Yesterday, I saw for the very first time on TV a commercial for Cartier. I'm not into jewelry, but even I do appreciate the quality of this reknown jeweller. I don't remember having watched any Cartier commercial on French TV in the past. So when it started, I wasn't paying attention and missed the first seconds when the name of the jeweller appears onscreen. I was talking to my mom, waiting for the prime time show and telling her how I would love to have some good animation programs to create gorgeous CGIs like the panther I was watching getting animated on TV. And the more we advance on this commercial, the more the sheer beauty of it takes my breathe away.

Because I never saw any Cartier commercial before, I thought at first it was another jeweller, till the end when the name Cartier is mentionned again and then my mom reminded me that the panther is their emblem.

It is less impressive when you watch the commercial on Youtube. Watching it on a large HDTV screen with vibrant colors and stereo sound is truly magical.
In France, commercials are only about 30 seconds long. So the length of this one is quite exceptional. But when it ends, you just want it to go on and on and on... This piece of art commercial is such a great source of inspiration!

You can also watch the video at the official site which will give you a better idea of how impressive it really is:
For those who don't understand French, click on the link "Le Film intégral". The bonuses are a really nice touch.
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